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Linhxuan Vu or Fr. Peter Dat Tien Vu is a priest and Cistercian monk graduated MDiv (1993) and MA in theology (1997) at Dominican School, Graduate Theologian Union in Berkeley, California. After some years being sub-novice master at Thien Phuoc Cistercian Abbey in Vung Tau City, Vietnam, he served since 2013 in the chaplain team at the Retreat House of Assumption Abbey in Ava, Missouri. He was recently appointed a leader initiating a new Cistercian monastic community in Aptos, California since July2018.

The book “The Paradise Man” began with a thesis written for M.A. degree. After graduation he stored the thesis in his book shelve. Twenty-five years later he drew the thesis out and reread pages, he said to himself “It is a sin against humanity if I continue wastefully to bury these important and useful thoughts of Thomas Merton in a bookcase!” Since then the book was soon developed from the fourth chapter of the thesis and published on October 16, 2018. It was also translated by himself into the Vietnamese language with the title “Nguoi Coi Dia Dang theo Thomas Merton” and published on August 14, 2017. Since publishing the book he feels loving life strangely and readers of his book also fell in love again with their beautiful world. In Winter 2019 the book gained Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for being the best book in the category Spiritual.